ICADL Posters

Expertise Mapping Based on a Bibliographic Keyword Annotation Model
Choochart Haruechaiyasak, Santipong Thaiprayoon, Alisa Kongthon

Matching Evolving Hilbert Spaces and Language for Semantic Access to Digital Libraries
Peter Wittek, S´andor Dar´anyi, Milena Dobreva

Open source solution for massive map sheet georeferencing tasks for digital archiving
Janis Jatnieks

Describing OAI-ORE from 5S Framework Perspective
Nadia Kozievitch, Ricardo da Silva Torres

Evaluation Algorithm about Digital library Collections based on Data Mining Technology
Yumin Zhao, Zhendong Niu, Lin Dai

Ontology-Based Information Extraction and Classification: Exploiting User Perspective within the Motion Picture Industry
Sharmin Choudhury, Kerry Raymond, Peter Higgs

Towards a Pattern-Based Approach for Scientific Writing and Publishing in Chinese
Hao Xu, Changhai Zhang

JCDL Posters

An architecture for a distributed digital library from the desktop up: The Fascinator
Peter Sefton; Duncan Dickinson

A Digital Library Architecture Supporting Massive Small Files and Efficient Replica Maintenance
Chunhui Shen; Weiming Lu; Jiangqin Wu; Baogang Wei

Rethinking Preservation Validation with the Preserved Object and Repository Risks Ontology (PORRO)
Andrew McHugh; Mounia Lalmas

ForeCite: towards a reader-centric scholarly digital library
Thuy Dung Nguyen; Min-Yen Kan; Dinh-Trung Dang; Markus Hänse; Ching Hoi Andy Hong; Minh-Thang Luong; Jesse Prabawa Gozali; Kazunari Sugiyama; Yee Fan Tan

Analyzing Viewing Patterns While Reading Picture Books
Emi Ishita; Shinji Mine; Chihiro Kunimoto; Junko Shiozaki; Keiko Kurata; Shuichi Ueda

A Search Engine for Japanese Academic Papers
Emi Ishita; Teru Agata; Atsushi Ikeuchi; Nozue Michiko; Miyata Yosuke; Shuichi Ueda

A Public Education Tool for Tsunami Disasters Based on Walking Tours in TDL
Sayaka Imai; Yoshinari Kanamori; Nobuo Shuto

Personalizing Information Retrieval for People with Different Levels of Topic Knowledge
Jingjing Liu; Nicholas J. Belkin

Generating Citation Digests For Scientific Publications
Richard Easty; Nikolay Nikolov

SPIRO-V: A Collaborative Approach to Controlled Vocabularies Gathering and Management
Rahul Deshmukh; Lina Huang; Javed Mostafa; Jane Greenberg

Many-to-Many Information Connections in a Distributed Digital Library Portal
Lillian Cassel; Edward Fox; Richard Furuta; Lois Delcambre

Text Clustering with Important Words Using Normalization
Shunyao Wu; Jinlong Wang and Gang Li


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