Chair: Ron Larsen, University of Pittsburgh

Digital Libraries in the International Context (Session 2c - Tuesday)
Moderator: Harry Bruce (Uni. Of Washington)

Abstract: As digital libraries become international in scope and scale, the opportunities and challenges also grow in scope and scale. The innate technical issues are dwarfed by an array of linguistic, cultural, legal, economic, and sociopolitical issues. Technology developed strategically and deployed wisely may mitigate some of these issues, but it also may magnify them. This panel invites experts from diverse backgrounds with differing perspectives to explore the front lines of emerging issues confronting digital libraries in the international context.

Computer Science, Information Studies, Digital Libraries, and Web Science: Different facets or different faces? (Session 5c - Wednesday)
Moderator: Christine L. Borgman, UCLA

Abstract: In its formative years, computer science struggled to distance itself from applied mathematics and electrical engineering. Similarly, information studies has sought to differentiate itself as a discipline distinct from library and information science, archival studies, and computer science, while incorporating theory and method from these fields and others. More recently, digital libraries and web science have emerged as specializations that bridge computer science and information studies. This panel will explore perspectives on the emergence of new specialties that bridge academic disciplines, looking specifically at recent directions in digital libraries and web sciences.


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